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Born in Odessa in the family of artists in 1954.
Painter, graphic artist, fine art photographer, installations.

1973 – The Grekov Fine Art College, Odessa, Ukraine.
1983 – The Ushinsky Southern Ukrainian State Pedagogical University, fine art-graphic arts faculty, Odessa, Ukraine
1987 – Member of National Union of Artists of Ukraine
1996 – Founder of the Creaitive arts association - «Art Laboratory».
1996 – Premium and Title – «Best Ukrainian artist of 1996» based on the All-Ukrainian Art Festival «Golden Intersection in Kiev, Ukraine
Lives and works in Odessa

Selected Exhibitions:

«Kino», KhudPromo Gallery, Odessa, Ukraine

«Myths and Legends of Eastern Europe», Gallery LWW, Amsterdam, Holland
«The Odessa School. «Traditions and Contempranea», Mystetski Arsenal Exhibition Hall, Kiev, Ukraine

«Yellow Giants», The Odessa Fine Art Museum, Odessa, Ukraine
«Myth. Ukranian Barocco», Ukraine National Art Museum, Kiev, Ukraine
«Contemporary Ukrainian Artists», The Yermilov Centre, Kharkiv, Ukraine

«The Independents», KHMK КХМК «Mystetski Arsenal», Kiev, Ukraine

«Top-10 “Contemporary artists of Odessa », KhudPromo Gallery, Odessa, Ukraine
«Star Wars», The Korobchinski Art Centre, Odessa, Ukraine
«RESTART», Institute of Enquiry into the Contemporary Art, Kiev, Ukraine

«RESTART», The Sea Gallery, Odessa, Ukraine
«Art Kyiv contemporary», The Ukrainian House, Kiev, Ukraine
«Ukrainian New Wave», NHMU, Kiev, Ukraine

«Farewell to Arts», KHMK, «Mystetski Arsenal», Kiev, Ukraine

«First Collection», The Central Artist's House, Kiev, Ukraine

«Parttial Eclipse», Belgrade, Yugoslaviya
«Positive Reaction», Nuseun Of Western and Oriental Art, Odessa, Ukraine

2000 - "Partial Eclipse", Belgrade, Yugoslavia
"Positive Reaction", Odessa Museum of Western Oriental Art.
1999 - "Pinakothek", Ukrainian House, Kiev
1998 - "Month of Photography", Bratislava, Slovakia
"Academy of Cold", Odessa State Art Museum
"Three Man Exhibition", Gallery "Karas'"
"Two Days and Two Nights", Exhibition at the Festival of Contemporary Music, Odessa
1997 - "Photosythesis", Ukrainian Union of Artists, Kiev
1996 - "Members of Art Festival", Odessa Museum of Western Oriental Art.
"View", The Centre of Contemporary Art, Kiev
"Golden Crossroad", Exhibition for the Pretenders to the title of the Best artist year 1996, Ukrainian House Art Festival, Kiev
"Consumer Fetishism", Ukrainian House, Kiev
"Naked Dream", "Blank Art" Gallery, Kiev
"Family Album", Kiev-Mogilyansk Academy, Kiev
1995 - "Office of Dr Frankinstein", House of Scientists, Odessa
"Blood Test", Union of artists, Kiev
"Two Days and Two Nights", Tirs Gallery, Odessa
1994 - "Free Zone", Odessa State Art Museum
"Space of Cultural Revolution", Ukrainian House, Kiev
"Frightening-Loving", Tirs Gallery, Odessa
1993 - "Accidental Exhibition", Tirs gallery, Odessa
"Graphik aus Odessa", Rosenheim Municipality, Germany
1992 - "Steps of Europe", Centre of Contemporary, Warsaw, Poland
"Diaspora", Central House of Artist's, Moscow
1991 - "Kunst aus Odessa", "Alien Rathaus" Gallery, Prin, Germany
"The Glory and Modernity of Odessa", Yokohama, Japan
"New Figurations", Literary Museum, Odessa
"Ukrainian Painting of the 20th Century", State Art Museum, Kiev
1990 - "Babylon", Central House of Youth, Moscow
"Post-Modernism II", Odessa State Art Museum
"Avec Cezanne, avec Van Gogh pour la montagne Sant Victoire", Marseille, France
1989 "Soviart", Expo Centre, Odanse, Denmark
"Soviart", Three Generations of Ukrainian Painting, Kiev
"Post Modernism I", Odessa State Art Museum
1973-1989 Participation in regional, republican and All- Union Art Exhibition


Ministry of Culture Культуры of the Russian Federation, Moscow, Russia
Ministry of Culture of Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine
Odessa Fine Art Museum, Odessa, Ukraine
Сумской областной художественный музей им. Н. Онацкого, Сумы, Украина.
Черниговский областной художественный музей, Чернигов, Украина.
Запорожский областной художественный музей, Запорожье, Украина.
Красноярский художественный музей им. В. И. Сурикова, Красноярск, Россия.
Художественный музей Нортона Доджа, США.
In private collections: Ukraine, Russia, USA, Canada, Italy, Germany, France, Holland, Greece.

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Artwork name: Hot Weather Coming Soon

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160cm x 170cm
Oil on Canvas

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